Vin Bergerac sec

Bergerac Sec 2019
Jour de Fruit

Very pale, transcluent colour. Bergerac Dry 2019. Very pale, translucent colour. Distinct aromas on the nose. Very ripe Sauvignon. Note of boxwood. Straightforward attack with notes of white fruit and citrus. Buttery character is very present, enhanced by a nice acidity.


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Bergerac Sec Abbaye

Bergerac Sec 2016

A nose of exotic fruits and floral aromas. The palate has roundness, with a very mature white fruit, accompanied by a touch of minerality. An expressive and balanced finish with a bouquet of white flowers.

15/20 Guide Vert la Revue du Vin de France 2019

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Vin Bergerac Sec Extase

Bergerac Sec 2015

This wine is "dressed" in a magnificent straw yellow robe with golden hues. This blend, which includes the first Chenin vines, is viscous, unctuous, with a hint of jammy fruits and citrus fruit aromas that bring a touch of freshness. If the attack is round to perfection, it is mainly the volume and the intensity on the palate that is surprising. We find the olfactory sensations, with a note of well-blended roasted coffee. A very long finish on the palate. A well-made wine which has all the characteristics of a wine for cellaring.

 15.5/20 Guide Vert la Revue du Vin de France 2019

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