Monbazillac Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure Bergerac

Monbazillac 2017
Jour de Fruit

Nose of white peach, jammy fruits, cedar honey. Clean, ample, rich and buttery on the palate, balanced with a lively finish of fruit.

13.5/20 Guide Vert la Revue du Vin de France 2020

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Monbazillac 2006


Monbazillac 2013

Hachette Wine Guide review: A five-time favourite/"coup de cœur" in Monbazillac. Being that the robe of this new vintage of Christian Roche is of a brilliant golden yellow will surprise no one. That the nose is complex and intense of preserved fruits, honey and vanilla as well. As for the palate, it is distinguished by its fullness, its sweetness and its long honeyed and jammy notes on the finish. A classy liqueur that we advise to hold for several years.

Coup de coeur guide Hachette 2016

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Vin Monbazillac Extase 2005

Monbazillac 2011

Coup de cœur rédaction Revue du Vin de France ( :

Solar, very bright, clear. A blossoming wine, on a well candied structure without heaviness. This wine impresses by its concentration and freshness, very creamy and spicy on the finish.

16/20 Guide Vert Revue du Vin de France 2020

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